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The Art and Science of Drop Forging: Shaping Metal for Strength and Precision
Drop forging, a time-honored manufacturing process, has been a cornerstone in the production of durable and high-quality metal components for centuries. This technique, also known as hot forging or impression forging, involves shaping metal by applying force through the controlled drop of a heavy hammer or die onto a heated workpiece. The result is a meticulously crafted ...
Author avatarJ Aatish RaoMar 29, 2024

Online Streaming Act Receives Royal Assent
Canada’s government just announced that the Online Streaming Act has received Royal Assent. This new legislation is designed to create a fair, competitive space for Canadian content creators to produce and promote content through online streaming platforms. The Online Streaming Act amends the Broadcasting Act, extending its scope to cover online streaming platforms operating ...
Author avatarKatelyn HuffmanMay 9, 2023

1 min read
What is 3D printing?
3D printing – A future where your printer connected to a desktop is capable of printing a solid object. It’s a process of crafting three dimensional robust objects from a digital file using additive processes. An object is created by positioning consecutive layers of material until the whole object is shaped. It is also known as rapid prototyping, a mechanized method where ...
Author avatarNaman GandhiApr 12, 2023

Which Section Of This Blog Post Was Written By An AI Chatbot?
Artificial intelligence can enrich our lives or present trouble. Consider, for example, how AI can deepen our understanding of ethics, the study of conduct and character. I asked a popular new AI chatbot, ChatGPT , “In 200 words or less, what are three things that get in the way of doing the right thing?” I also answered the question myself. Here are the results. See if you ...
Author avatarBruce WeinsteinFeb 10, 2023

1 min read
You said "Cost estimation"​!
Cost estimation is the process of using historical data – in terms of productivity and unit costs – to aggregate the future cost of a given project. In other words, cost estimation is the process of determining the equivalency in monetary terms of materials, labor and equipment required to deliver a project. Now comes the key question : How good are your cost estimates? ...
Author avatarMartial YouadjeuOct 31, 2022

3 min read
Break-even point analysis - Production Planning & Control (PPC)
Break Even Analysis The Break-even Analysis is the technique used by management to calculate their monthly or annual sale or returns, to cover their costs. The break-even point is that point at which gains equal losses. It is the point where the total costs equal total revenues. The break-even point helps calculate the minimum profit for a business when setting margins. ...
Author avatarJ Aatish RaoOct 9, 2022

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