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The Art and Science of Drop Forging: Shaping Metal for Strength and Precision

J Aatish Rao

Drop forging, a time-honored manufacturing process, has been a cornerstone in the production of durable and high-quality metal components for ...
Online Streaming Act Receives Royal Assent

Katelyn Huffman

Canada’s government just announced that the Online Streaming Act has received Royal Assent. This new legislation is designed to create a fair, ...
What is 3D printing?

Naman Gandhi

3D printing – A future where your printer connected to a desktop is capable of printing a solid object. It’s a process of crafting three dimensional ...
Which Section Of This Blog Post Was Written By An AI Chatbot?

Bruce Weinstein

Artificial intelligence can enrich our lives or present trouble. Consider, for example, how AI can deepen our understanding of ethics, the study of ...
You said "Cost estimation"​!

Martial Youadjeu

Cost estimation is the process of using historical data – in terms of productivity and unit costs – to aggregate the future cost of a given ...
Break-even point analysis - Production Planning & Control (PPC)

J Aatish Rao

Break Even Analysis The Break-even Analysis is the technique used by management to calculate their monthly or annual sale or returns, to cover ...


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